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How it Works

From now through May 10th, every time you post a *Qualifying Video or post on Facebook or Instagram, you'll accumulate one point toward a discount coupon for any digital product in the TJEd Shop. One point = 1% off!

For example, if you were to post 10 qualifying videos, you would get a 10% coupon for any digital product in your shopping cart for a single checkout. 60 broadcasts would get you a 60% off coupon!


  • Promo runs from the month of April through May 8th
  • 1 point per video posting (live broadcast or uploaded)
  • 1/2 point per text posting
  • Maximum 2 points per day
  • Coupon applies to your entire cart order of any digital TJEd product(s), excluding subscription courses (i.e. MIC) - but including courses with a fixed, non-recurring price (i.e. Freedom Convention, How to Mentor, etc.)

Pro Tips

*Qualifying Videos:

  • Tag #TJEdReadathon
  • Video or text should be about something you are learning - preferably relating to a TJEd product (a book from the TJEd Library, Mentoring in the Classics, TJEd High, Black Belt in Freedom, How to Mentor, Conventions, etc.)
  • Post on your personal profile and then share it to your different groups, including:
  • @Mentoring in the Classics (TJEd)
  • @Leadership Education Homeschool Discussion (TJEd)


Coronavirus and Mentoring in the Classics: A thought from Wuthering Heights #MentoringintheClassics #MIC #CoronavirusReadathon

Posted by Ian Cox on Monday, March 30, 2020

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